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The Best Mosin Nagant Stock Reviews

The Mosin Nagant rifle was first produced in 1891 and over these years many of these respected rifles have made it to the top among the most used riffles. They have grown to hunters and shooters in military surplus market, each at a price as low as 30 dollars. This Mosin nagant stock reviews explains it all.

The 7.62 X 54 R round and 30-06 Springfield Cartridge are similar in terms of performance but the former costs a fraction of what cartridge costs. It has become really popular as a very economical deer hunter riffle.Even though many hunters and shooters are fond of using them in the same condition which they get issued, the original wooden stock is quite heavy and sometimes can be cumbersome. Their sling placements aren’t ideal for hunting purposes except in the case of Finnish made riffles.

Pro Mag AA9130 Archangel OPFOR Precise Rifle Stock

For a robust and tactical stock, a shooter doesn’t need to look further than this Pro Mag’s. It is a fiber glass stock and is built like a tank. It looks more like a high end sniper or the bench rest style stock. This rifle comes in three amazing colors that complements to its appearance.The colors include:

-Desert tan


-Olive drab

Sling can be easily attached through Quick Detach releases meant for traditional mounting and along the sides. The swivel stud is added to the forearm so as to allow a shooter to attach a bipod.

Advanced Technology International Monte Carlo Riffle Stock

Its design is a style of traditional nonadjustable Monte Carlo and is characterized with well-formed pistol grip, distinct chick rest and a sharp checkering. Sling swivels are stud types, and in two traditional mounting positions which include the forend’s front part and towards the rear at the buttstock’s bottom.

There are a wide variety of stocks to choose from for the mosin nagant rifle and this can sometimes make it hard for aspiring owners to choose the best. The best way to end up with the desired quality and the best in the impending task is to confirm before purchasing.